How to Add a Subpage to your Author Page

How to Add a Subpage to your Author Page

And make it show up in the right place

Whenever you create a new page for your “chunked” essay, you will want to follow these steps:

Part I

  1. Go to Dashboard–>Pages–>Add New (or use whatever shortcut you like best)
  2. Give the page an easily identifiable title
  3. Scroll down to the “Select Layout” area just below “Add Items” and click the “Right Sidebar” image
  4. When the “Choose Right Sidebar” drop-down menu appears, choose your name/project from list
  5. Scroll back up and “Update” your page!

Part II

  1. Go to Dashboard–>Appearance–>Menus
  2. Using the below diagram, find your custom menu (by the name of your project) in the set of tabs (next to the big red “1” below) and click it.
  3. Next, select your new page in the “Pages” box (indicated by the big red “2” below).  Note that you can use the search tab in the pages box to find your page name if there are too many to scroll through efficiently.
  4. Then click “Add to Menu”
  5. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to the save the menu using the blue “Save Menu” Button on the top right of the Menus page.  Note that the blue “Save” button on the top left will not save your menu.  You won’t ever have to click that one (we hope).




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